Nine extraordinary arrangements, including the festive Shabbat Shalom, Variations on Adon Olam, Debbie Friedman’s moving healing prayer, Mi Shebeirach as well as Jon’s original compositions, Reflections and A Sabbath Walk, are featured.

  1. Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath Peace) - S. Secunda
    Festive song for all ages celebrating Shabbat
  2. Ets Chayim (Tree of Life) - T. Portnoy
    The prayer chanted as the Torah is returned to the Ark
  3. Reflections - J. Simon
    An original meditation inspired by Shabbat
  4. Y’did Nefesh (Beloved Soul) - S. and E. Zweig
    A popular hymn sung at the beginning of the Friday Night service to welcome the Sabbath
  5. A Sabbath Walk - J. Simon
    An original composition inspired by a peaceful stroll on a Shabbat afternoon
  6. Yom Ze M’chubad (Honor the Day) Traditional
    A joyous melody honoring the Day of Rest
  7. Hashivenu (Return) Traditional
    A haunting prayer from the Book of Lamentations, asking to return to God
  8. Mi Shebeirach (Healing Prayer) D. Friedman
    Beautiful modern prayer for those in need of healing
  9. Adon Olam - Gerovitsh
    The popular 19th Century setting of this closing hymn, honoring and revering the Creator

The Ensemble:
Jon Simon – Piano
Lon Ephraim-Guitar and synthesizer sequencing
Randy Mattson-Bass
Steve Fidyk-Drums
Steve Bloom-Percussion
Other contributors:
Diana Fish – Cello
Scott Young – Reeds, Flute
Robert Vedder – Fluglehorn
Vocals – Jeff Hall, Kathleen Kennedy

Arrangements by Jon Simon
Orchestration by Lon Ephraim

Recorded, edited and mastered by Alan Wonneberger, Prodigital Studios, Washington, DC

Portrait of Jon Simon by Beverly Rezneck

Cover Art by Yvonne Nagy

Design: Alon

Price: $15.00

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