New Traditions 2

The popular sequel to New Traditions, this collection of ten solo jazz piano interpretations includes Jerusalem of Gold, variations on the Passover favorite, Dayenu, Prayer for Peace, and Hine Ma Tov

  1. Hine Ma Tov (Behold, How Good)
    A passage from the Psalms, expressing the goodness of people living together in unity, set to a popular folk melody.
  2. Ein Kelohenu (There is None Like our God)
    This traditional hymn is sung at the conclusion of Sabbath and Festival services, and affirms the belief in one God.
  3. Dodi Li (I am My Beloved's)
    I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine. From the Song of Songs, this song is very popular as a wedding processional.
  4. L'cha Dodi (Come, My Beloved)
    A 16th Century poem welcoming the Sabbath Bride.
  5. Halleluyah
    From Psalm 150, this moving Sabbath melody praises the Creator through song.
  6. Erev Ba (Evening Comes) - O. Avissar
    A gentle Israeli song describing the return of the flocks from the fields at dusk.
  7. S'vivon (Dreidel)
    A lively Hanukkah song about the spinning of the dreidel and the miracle this holiday commemorates.
  8. Dayenu Variations
    Six variations of this traditional melody, sung during the Passover Seder: Anadante, Waltz cantabile, Largo, Allegro, Samba, Swing
  9. Jerusalem of Gold - N. Shemer
    The timeless melody that sets the following words to music: Jerusalem of gold, of copper, and of light, I shall accompany all the songs dedicated to you.
  10. Shalom Rav (Abundant Peace) - J. Klepper and D. Freelander
    A contemporary melody for the Sabbath prayer for peace.

All arrangements performed on a Steinway concert grand by Jon Simon.

Recorded and mastered by Joshua Salesin at Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio.

Price: $15.00

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