Zoom Gali Boogie

Ten more outstanding jazz piano arrangements, including Shalom Alechem, Purim Day Swing, a Debbie Freidman Medley, and a boogie woogie version of Zum Gali Gali

  1. Purim Day Swing
    A fun Purim folk tune about masks, groggers, songs, and dances.
  2. Shalom Alechem (Peace Upon You) - S.E.Goldfarb
    The popular Sabbath hymn of peace, sung before the blessing over the wine.
  3. Eliyahu (Elijah)
    This haunting folk melody, sung at Passover and at the closing of the Sabbath, calls to Elijah, the prophet who symbolizes the hope for the Messianic Age, a period of peace and justice, a universal Sabbath for the world.
  4. And the Youth Shall See Visions/L'chi Lach - Debbie Friedman
    A medley of two cherished favorites from one of America's leading Jewish composer-performers. Inspired by passages from the Tanakh (Holy Scriptures),both songs have similar messages about living life as a blessing.
  5. In the Beginning - Jon Simon
    Original composition inspired by the Creation Story in Genesis.
  6. Shavua Tov (A Good Week)
    A lyrical Hassidic melody sung at the end of the Sabbath wishing everyone a good week.
  7. Wicked Man Samba
    The celebration of Purim, with its masks, parades, and balls, has much in common with the Carnival festival celebrated in Rio. The sambas and latin rhythms heard throughout Carnival are the inspiration for this arrangement.
  8. Meditation - Jon Simon
    Original composition.
  9. Kol Nidre (All Vows)
    This melody, chanted on Yom Kippur throughout the world,is considered to be one of only a handful of "Misinai Tunes" (as ancient as if it were given to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai together with the Torah).
    A Boogie-Woogie arrangement of a song first sung by Israeli pioneers working the land.

All arrangements performed on a Steinway concert grand by Jon Simon.

Recorded at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio and Harmony Hall, Oxon Hill, Maryland.

Price: $15.00

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